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 "We have handcrafted health-conscious essentials for your skin, body and spirit."


Neutriherbs is a professional skin care brand that branches from a company called Amarrie Cosmetics. The company was founded by Leona who has been working in the skin care industry since 2002.

 After many years she discovered the great need for effective and consistent skin care products that were not only effective but comforting on the skin. Out of her love for people, the environment and the belief that beauty treatments should stem from the purest forms of nature, Neutriherbs was founded in 2011.

Leona began studying with some of the top engineers and concluded that if products adopted Chinese herbal ingredients, they will have the safest and most effective formulas. On the basis of her findings and with the help of some of the other engineers, she has handcrafted health-conscious essentials for your skin, body and spirit.  

The brand was first introduced as a European brand, but is now being sold and distributed over 50 countries which has been through the sheer love and witnessing effects of the products.

With the fast growth of Neutriherbs, Amarrie Cosmetics has decided to work hand-in-hand with UniSky Trade, South Africa’s new-age distribution company. Through their striving to bring natural, high quality skin care products into the country, South Africans are now able to the experience the complete Neutriherbs range.

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NEUTRIHERBS = Nature+Herbs

With regards to all products, they are are produced in accordance with EU skin care standards. The flavour of the product has a natural flavour, maximizes the integration of plant strength into the product, and subtracts excess chemical additions to retain only truly safe and effective ingredients, thus reducing the likelihood of skin allergies to the product. She focuses in particular on the selection of high-quality raw materials suppliers, as well as on safety and environmental protection skin care packaging materials supplier cooperation.


So far, NEUTRIHERBS has obtained nearly 100 industry certification. The brand has been registered in more than 50 countries around the world, its products sold to more than 180 countries and regions. It has more than 2000 brand-agent customer groups, and there are more than 1000 network celebrities who actively share. The recognition of the industry as well as customer praise is a good proof of the value of the brand itself.