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Is it safe to place an order on Neutriherbs SA ?

It is absolutely safe. Once you click through to do your payment, you are taken off our site and into a secure area that allows you to pay with confidence. 

How long after placing an order will it take to arrive ?

We like to deliver our beautiful products as soon as possible so aim to do this within 72 hours. 

How much does delivery cost ? 

We currently offer free delivery on all orders above R599 within South Africa. For orders less than R599 we charge R60.

Are you able to assist with advice on what products would work for me?

Of course, send an email to



Product Questions



Is the "active" ingredient stable? (Manufacturer)


What is the concentration of the "active" ingredients in the serums?

Vitamin C Serum = (15% Vitamin C and 0,05% Hyaluronic Acid) Hyaluronic acid serum = (3% Hyaluronic Acid and 3% Vitamin C)Retinol Serum = (0,05% retinol)

Is the product organic?

No the product is not organic, it has very mild preservatives but no parabens. The Glycerin is also vegetable Glycerin and the products are animal friendly.

Isn’t the product harsh on the skin?

No the products are very light on the skin.

How do you ensure that it doesn’t dry out my skin?

The serums are very hydrating.

Is it okay to use for oily skin types?

Certain Products (See below)

How do I know if my product has gone bad?

It will be very hard to tell but it will take 6 months for the product to go bad after opening it.

Can I apply make up after using the products? Won’t it destabilize it?

After the serums and creams are applied, they will be absorbed into your skin. Makeup has no effect on the products.


How is this product different from the rest?

Powerful natural active ingredients are used. It is also animal friendly.

What product will help with my acne ?

The retinol cream and retinol serum.

How long does the product take before you see any results?

You may see results within the moisture levels in just the first few days, but it will take up to 3 weeks to see noticeable results in skin tone and pigmentation.

What is this product best used with?

Retinol and Vitamin C Serum work very nicely together.

Product Allergens?

There is no specific allergens but if you react badly to the products with itchy skin, skin redness or any other discomfort the product must be discontinued.